Welcome to vfw6208.org: Building a Stronger Veteran Community Online

VFW 6208 - 12/1/2023


VFW 6208 Prior Lake Post welcomes you to our online haven for our veteran community through our newly revised website. Funded by dual grants from VFW National, and our Post Commander our new site was developed by key partners through the VFW Website Solution Program sanctioned by VFW National. At the heart of this platform is the mission to foster a robust network of camaraderie and assistance among our veterans.
Expect a refined online experience that connects you with a multitude of services, valuable insights, and fellow veterans, all aimed at better serving your needs. Veterans can anticipate a digital hub brimming with invaluable resources and a vibrant community spirit. With a steadfast commitment to honoring your service, our platform is set to redefine the way veterans connect, engage, and thrive in the modern era.

Here are a few key areas we aimed to improve with the new site: 

Updated Look/Feel - The entire website has been revised with a new look and feel that speaks to the overall brand ethos of VFW National unifying our post with others across the country.
A Refreshed Navigation Experience - The main menu at the top of the webpage has undergone a full rebuild with reorganized content and dropdown menus aimed to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Some examples: 
  • Looking to learn more about the Post, its history, or leadership? Tap/click on "About".
  • Curious about veterans' programs, initiatives, and volunteer opportunities? Simply tap/click on "Programs".
  • Want to find out about veterans' benefits, assistance, and other resources available to you or the veteran in your life? Tap/click on "Resources".
A Dedicated Member's Only Section - We now have a private section on the new website for Post members that when logged in can they will see information, documents, and other content strictly for members' eyes only.
Clearer Ways to Support the Post - Our site now features clear ways to support the Post with clear call outs on the home page directing visitors to new pages on the website dedicated to the Post's fundraising efforts.
  • A dedicated Donate Now page which outlines the main channels for donating to VFW 6208's building efforts.
  • A Volunteer page that showcases volunteer opportunities within the Post.
  • Community Service with guidance on hour reporting as well as other community outreach efforts.
Site Sponsors: A new way to support VFW 6208's digital efforts - For business owners wanting to show their support for the veteran community, VFW 6208 now has a Site Sponsors' section on our website where sponsors can donate to our digital needs such as hosting costs and developing new and fresh web content for the Prior Lake community. The sponsors logo is then featured on our website along with a section where they can share a message of support to the veteran community. More info is available on the Donate Now page.